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Keep your projects on track with the Updates App from Microsoft Teams

By Alexis Delich

7 Jun 2024

Keep your projects on track with the Updates App from Microsoft Teams

About Updates App

Updates app from Microsoft Teams is a great tool designed to streamline the process of collecting and managing information from your team. It allows users to create custom update requests and track responses efficiently. You can use the Updates app in Microsoft Teams for a variety of purposes beyond weekly work updates, for instance:

Project Progress Reports:

• Track the status of ongoing projects.

• Collect updates from team members on their specific tasks.

• Monitor milestones and deadlines.

Weekly/Daily Updates:

• Gather quick updates from team members on what they accomplished the previous day, what they plan to do today, and any blockers they are facing.

Employee Feedback:

• Conduct surveys or polls to gather feedback on company policies, workplace environment, or specific projects.

Client/Boss Updates:

• Share progress reports with clients.

• Collect feedback from clients on deliverables or services provided.

Training and Development:

• Track attendance and participation in training sessions.

• Collect feedback on training effectiveness and areas for improvement.

Resource Allocation:

• Monitor and manage the allocation of resources such as equipment, budget, or personnel.

Quality Assurance:

• Collect and track data on quality control checks.

• Monitor and report on compliance with industry standards.

Event Planning:

• Organize and track details for company events, including RSVPs, task assignments, and post-event feedback.

Performance Reviews:

• Gather input from team members for performance evaluations.

• Track progress on individual performance goals.

Incident Reporting:

• Collect and manage reports on incidents or issues that occur in the workplace.

• Track resolution and follow-up actions.

Pros and Cons Of Using the Updates App


• Simplify the process for collecting updates from others (your team)

• Simplify the process for sharing updates with others (your boss)

• Help to share clear and consistent updates, and reduce misunderstandings

• Simplify the process to track tasks progress and meet deadlines

• Simplify the tracking and reminders for pending updates and to foster responsibility.

• Optimize the use of the time.

• Foster teamwork and innovation.

• Easy customisation forms to fit various needs.

• Easy integration with other Microsoft 365 tools.


• May take some time to get accustomed to creating and managing forms.

• Might require some technical knowledge

• Requires time to set up and customize the forms for specific needs.

• Ensuring consistent and accurate reporting from all team members may require some training and oversight.

Real Case Scenario

Let’s say you want to collect updates from your team for this week:

1. Go to Teams, then Updates app

2. Create an update request titled “Weekly Project Progress Report”.

3. Add fields for team members to fill in details such as tasks completed, tasks planned for next week, and any blockers.

4. Assign users as Submitters so they can complete/update content. Assign users as Viewers if they can see and track update progress and the details of the submissions. Set due date and recurrence at specific times.

5. Send this request to your project team every Friday.

6. Review the responses on Monday to prepare for the week ahead.

The Updates app from Microsoft team is a great tool to keep your projects on track and your team connected. It simplifies task tracking, communication and data management, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration. Also, it's a great tool to provide recurrent updates to your boss. Give it a try, it could be useful for your day-to-day work.

Hope that helps,


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